Sunday, November 23, 2008

New ebook: Travel Writing as a Freelancer

People often ask me about travel writing and how they can get involved, so I asked travel writing expert Wendy VanHatten to share some information about her new ebook, Travel Writing as a Freelancer. Here's what she had to say:

Getaway Girl: Why did you write this ebook?
Wendy: I have given a variety of classes about writing and travel writing and was asked if I had a reference manual. I decided to put an ebook together for writers to use as one.

Getaway Girl: Who does this ebook benefit?
Wendy: This book will benefit both new travel writers as well as those who have written a few articles. It will also benefit writers who want to break into the travel market. Plus, once again it can be used as a reference.

Getaway Girl: What areas does this ebook cover regarding Travel Writing as a Freelancer?
Wendy: You will get the basics in this ebook. Some highlights are query letters, working with editors, telling your story without telling a story, markets, rights, and other basics of travel writing. Travel writing is different from other types of writing and I give example of how that is.

Getaway Girl: Aside from this ebook, what other products and services do you offer?
Wendy: One service is editing articles for other travel writers. Another one is coaching one on one with writers that are new or established. I also speak at workshops and classes. In addition, I have photos for sale. I am in the process of writing another ebook on success, which will also be available on my website.

Getaway Girl: What did you learn about writing an ebook that you plan to pass along to your readers?
Wendy: As with most writing, I use an outline. Not a “formal” outline…but still an outline. This helps me focus, put things in the right order, and allow the book to flow or make sense. It’s ok to jump around…as long as your audience can follow it! That’s why I use one.

This interview was part of a virtual blog tour.
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