Sunday, May 31, 2009

Great Group Getaway Ideas

So maybe you can't do an "all girl getaway" this year, but you still want to travel with a group. Here are a few ideas of great group getaways that you may want to check out:

Surf Camp
I have always wanted to learn to surf, so a surf camp sounds like a fantastic group getaway. Many camps cater to your group, whether you are adults, women-only, families, or looking for a team building adventure. In addition, some camps also teach about ecology, the environment and ocean safety, so I say “surf’s up.” Places to check out include Costa Rica, Panama, California and North Carolina.

Some friends went to Africa last year for a hunting and sightseeing safari. The two couples reported on an amazing trip and have some spectacular photos to share. Truly a trip of a lifetime for many of us, an African safari makes for a terrific group getaway because you can split many of the shared costs. Don’t overlook this as a group getaway.

Dude Ranch
We all remember the fun Billy Crystal and his friends had in the movie “City Slickers”, and a great group getaway is vacation to a dude ranch. Not just riding horses and rounding up cattle, dude ranches also provide other outdoor activities, such as hay rides, whitewater rafting, fishing and birding.

Not just for men anymore, sportfishing is gathering quite a following with women. In Florida, there are several all-women fishing tournaments, which mean this is quickly becoming a more popular getaway for mixed groups. You’ll find fabulous sportfishing in the Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, and, of course, Florida.

Most people think of Vegas when they think gambling, but there are many other great getaway destinations that include casinos. Places like Atlantic City, Lake Tahoe, Puerto Rico, Hard Rock Casinos (Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale), the Bahamas, and of course, Vegas. So, if your group is “feeling lucky,” chances are you may want to roll the dice and consider a gambling-themed getaway.

Last but certainly not least is a group cruise getaway. Cruises are a terrific way for a group of people to vacation together, but still have the space and opportunity to do their own things with site excursions and on-board activities galore. It is also a great way to see some wonderful places, such as Alaska, Europe and the Caribbean.

Music Getaways
There are so many great places to enjoy music, and it is fun to sightseeing while you enjoy some fabulous tunes. Examples include Jazz in Chicago, Blues in Memphis, Classical in Boston, Latin in Miami, Broadway shows in NYC, Live music in Austin and country in Nashville. Combine your love of music and any of these wonderful cities and your group will have a blast!


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