Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Celeb Stylist Robert Verdi Talks Fashion with The Getaway Girl

Hello everyone it is Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl®, and I am here with a very special guest today. Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi joins me today to talk all things fashion.

As most of you know, Robert is America’s most notable TV fashion personality & style expert with several shows including Fashion Police on the Style Network. He has worked with celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Mariska Hargitay, Bobby Flay and Cynthia Rowley, just to name a few.

Before our call I asked the Girls Getaway Guide fans if they had any questions for you, and I got a huge response, so let’s talk fashion shall we?

One of the biggest questions for fall…boots (peep toe, over the knee, etc). Are these trends here to stay and are these items worth the investment?
Robert Verdi: You must think of buying clothing as an expense or an investment. An expense is something you want to splurge on; an investment is something you need or will have for several years. Think about your lifestyle and how you will incorporate key pieces into your wardrobe. For example, if you are a princess, you will need several ball gowns. If you are not a princess, you won’t need tons of fancy dresses. I think the over the knee boot, if worn correctly, is very fashion forward and very versatile. This is a look I think we will see for several years.

The girls tell me they are seeing lots of flannel. What are your thoughts?
Robert Verdi: Flannel is part of the trend of ‘borrowing from men’s wear’ that is very popular right now. The secret to pulling off flannel on women is to make sure it is fitted for a woman’s body. Don’t pull a flannel shirt out of your dad’s closet. Get one that is tailored for the female form and still flatters your figure.

What are some of the hot trends for fall this year?
Robert Verdi: It really is all about items versus trends. As you mentioned, the over the knee boot portrays a rocker quality. The flannel shirt, along with plaids, suede and denim, is portraying a cowgirl look. Other staple items I like this year are skinny legs, elongated sweater/cardigans, belted coat and jackets, and the always classic pencil skirt.
Not many people, even celebrities, purchase entirely new wardrobes each season. The best thing to do is to invest in key pieces to spruce up what you have.

What are the trendy colors for fall this year?
Robert Verdi: What we saw on the fall runways is already carrying over into spring 2010 and that is the color blue. It is a great color because it looks terrific on everyone and is a universally flattering color. For fall, look at shades of blue such as navy and royal blue. For spring, we will see a lot of cool colors, blues and greens, in lighter shades such as turquoise. I also like the jewel tones for fall (peacock blue, emerald green, deep purple).

I travel a lot but still want to look fashionable. Do you have any advice for maintaining personal style while you travel?
Robert Verdi: For easy traveling, I always take pieces that are great for layering (tank tops, jackets, cardigans, scarves). By having the right layers, you can ensure you are always ready for any climate and social situation. I also stick with neutral colors to keep things versatile. Some great packing tips include: 1) always use shoe bags to keep shoes and clothes looking nice, 2) fold clothes first then pack them (versus folding while you pack) and 3) put small items (cosmetics, belts, undergarments) inside your shoes to maximize the space.

What is your #1 style tip?
Robert Verdi: Style and fashion is less about any one item or any one piece of advice. It is more about your own personal expression, and how the clothes make you feel. Don’t be tied to rules and regulations. Try things. If they work, that’s great. If not, just take it off and try something else. The great thing about fashion is that nothing is permanent.

I have had several women ask me why you wear the sunglasses on your head. Is this a fashion trend we should all follow?
Robert Verdi: This started when I was doing a TV show where I interviewed people on the streets of New York City. I would wear the sunglasses, and then take them off to do the interview. After one interview I realized I put them on my head and they helped my look less bald (they added something to all my flesh). So they have become a “look” for me ever since.

Casey Wohl: Well Robert, thank you so much for being with us and sharing all of this great fashion advice. We hope you have a great trip to Orlando!

If you’d like to meet Robert in person, plan to attend the LUXE 2009: The Fashion Benefit on Thursday, October 8 from 6:30 – 11:00 p.m. at Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH at the Prime Outlets - Orlando. For more details, call 407.352.9611, ext. 114.

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