Thursday, July 15, 2010

Girls Getaway to Montreal - Day 4

We woke up Tuesday morning ready for our Jukari Fit to Fly workout at Club Sportif MAA. Jukari ( is the culmination of a Cirque du Soleil/Reebok partnership intent on making exercise more fun for women by injecting a touch of artistry into the workout (la Cirque du Soleil), alleviates boredom and makes for one tough workout. Plus, our instructor was Olympic Gold Medalist Speed Skater Nathalie Lambert from Canada...super cool!

We had a lovely lunch at Le Chateau Ramezay’s Restaurant Chasse et Peche, which features an outdoor seating area in the summer. I enjoyed the Asparagus Soup and Tuna Tataki, while Sharron and I had a conversation about who we “fancy” (I am working to incorporate British jargon into my all-American vocabulary). We all “fancied” our server, Maxim!

With our free time after lunch, Sharron, Jan and I shopped along St. Paul West Street and found some great stores. I love, love, love the Montreal-designed dress I purchased. Super fun and unique! Jan loved her dress so much that she wore it right out of the store.

We had so much fun shopping together that we were late for our dinner at Restaurant O’Thym, which is located in Montreal’s Village. It’s trendy and BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) as most Montreal restaurants are so be sure to pick up a bottle (or a few) before you arrive. I loved my Carrot Soup, the bison we shared and my dinner entree, Halibut with Olive Tapanede.

After dinner we were off to our fourth and last show (and last evening of the trip). Le Cabaret Des 7 Doignets opened tonight to rave reviews. I especially enjoyed the girl who moonwalked while she juggled five balls and the girl who danced in the chains above our heads to a cabaret rendition of Roxanne (a la The Police). What an outstanding show!

After the show, we sadly said our goodbyes and started planning our next trips together. I must go visit Sharron and Carly in London. Jan and I have decided we are like circus performers and now must “perform” together and are an unseparable travel pair. Many thanks to Tourisme Montreal and the Circus Arts Festival for a spectacular Girls Getaway to Montreal! Au revoir Montreal...À la prochaine!!!

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