Thursday, September 16, 2010

Girls Getaway to San Francisco - Press Club & Clift Hotel

I’m always asked about San Francisco for a Girls Getaway destination. However, until now, I had never been there so couldn’t provide any feedback. After years of wanting to visit the city, I finally had my chance.

I arrived in San Fran in early September and was quite surprised at how cool it was. I always thought all of California is sunny and warm, but San Fran is the exception. I was told its unique location keeps it cool year round. I should have packed some warmer clothes.

We arrived at the legendary Clift Hotel (, a boutique property that has been a Downtown San Fran hot spot for more than 100 years. As you walk in, you will notice the oversized chair in the lobby and the fireplace that I darted directly towards upon escaping the cooler-than-expected weather outside.

While the mood in the hotel lobby is that of elegance and comfort set in an earth tone palate, the rooms are painted a calming lavender with a splash of modern decor and plenty of space to move around (not always available in older hotels).

We met my San Fran friend and fellow travel writer, Patty Burness, at the Press Club ( for my first California wine tasting experience. The Press Club is a convenient way to bring wine to the city as six Northern California-based wineries have a presence at the Press Club. Here you can taste your way around CA’s wine country without leaving San Fran. It was the perfect way to start the I did with the Pinot Flight.

Dinner that evening was at the Clift Hotel’s Velvet Room, which is a new farm-to-table concept for the hotel. We dined at the sharing table and were impressed by the food, from salad to beef. Next stop: drinks at the Clift’s Redwood Room, which is one of the more popular bars in the city. The walls are made from redwood trees (or the rumor has it one tree), and the backdrop of the bar is not to be missed as light radiants from behind a ceiling high row of shelves. Many thanks to Stacy taking such good care of us.

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