Thursday, October 21, 2010

Girls Getaway to Mexico City - Villa Maria, Margaritas, La Bamba and Shake Face

During our last night together, we celebrated at Villa Maria Restaurant ( Not only did they serve the biggest Strawberry Margaritas we’ve ever seen, but they also had an amazing (and interactive) mariachi band who began their set at our table with La Bamba. Life doesn’t get much better!!!!

So what wasn’t on our scheduled events that will always be remembered??? Shake face. We can thank the Brits (we nicknamed them Harry and Potter) for that new phenomenon we have all grown to love. Meredith’s “Snooki Hair” that she created on the bus. More tequila than we have ever seen. Eric’s crazy driver’s funny we had to take a picture of it. And, of course, the friendship of Meredith, Cessie, Christine, Rosa, Theresa and Amanda. Adios Mexico. Muchas gracias por los recuerdos!!!!

PHOTO: Meredith and Casey take on Villa Maria's Strawberry Margaritas.

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