Monday, October 10, 2011

Study Says: Girlfriends Are Key To Women's Optimism

As women, we all know that girlfriends are an important part of our lives. But we may not have realized just how important. A new study finds that women are more optimistic than men and it is largely due to our girlfriends.

According to a recent article in USA Today, ".....25% of women ages 45 to 55 give themselves a 10 out of 10 on optimism about their future, finds a Gallup-Healthways daily poll of Americans' well-being. These women have a sense of meaning and engagement. They love learning new things. And they expect in five years to be at the top of a ladder of well-being."

The article also states: "The most optimistic women spend about six hours a day in social interaction. Some of that time may be with a friend at work, with family, a husband or children, or with a partner, a love interest or neighbors. But girlfriends are the bedrock. The most optimistic women have an inner circle of anywhere from four to a dozen friends who 'have their back' and will drop everything to help in a crisis."

So if you get flack for chatting with your girlfriends too much, just tell them you are working on increasing your optimism :).

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tessa mcgill said...

I so love your story and your blogs, you've become a real inspiration to me.

I so agree optimism is the key to a great life. Last year I went through some really rough times, and had fallen into a pretty serious depression. Thank God for my girlfriends. They took me to Key West for the day about 6 months ago, we laughed so hard, enjoyed great music, it was the first time i think i had smiled all year, my face actually hurt from laughing so much.

Anyway thanks to you we decided we could all use an attitude adjustment so we made the commitment to make a monthly
trip to key west just us girls!
Since I am notorious for letting myself slip to the bottom of my list my girlfriend gave me a booklet of 10
vouchers for my birthday, NO BACKING OUT!! :)
This gift they gave me is more than a trip its about recognizing my need for adventure and remembering the young girl who knew that fun was just as important as work.
Its given me something to look forward to every month and its helped turn my attitude around. Sometimes its those little commitments you make to yourself that remind you that its YOUR life! You're important and you're worth it.

I can't wait for my next ME day!! just me and the girls! Mimosa's for breakfast, margarita's for lunch and Mojitos at sunset. Key west here I come.

For all my Florida ladies - YOU'RE WORTH IT! and getting there really IS half the fun!