Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Girls Getaway to Aspen - Day 1 (Guest Blog)

Guest Blog by Teresa Wagner

After several busy months at work, I finally have some time off to start blogging and what do I do but take a trip! The thing that is special about this trip is that I am with Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl, who writes travel books for women and takes women who are recovering from a catastrophic illness or event in their lives on trips to help them get away from it all and figuratively, “Leave their Baggage at Home”.
So, Casey and I met in Denver, CO and drove 4 hours to my brother’s condo in Aspen, Le Mazot (petit chalet). On the way, we stopped in Vail at la cantina for a small, inexpensive dinner that was just the right thing but definitely more of quaint, quick place than anything fancy. However, the guacamole was tasty and the soft chicken taco was good. On the way, I got to hear Casey’s stories of women and trips that she had taken this year who had survived betrayal, divorce, breast cancer, death of a son and other life changing events and the wonderful places she has taken them such as Canada and France as well as within the United States. We had previously taken a trip to Santa Fe together and I had gotten to see her in action using her social media network to promote and report out on various activities during the experience. Now, it was my turn to take Casey on a trip so she could relax and recharge.
We arrived in Aspen and eventually found Le Mazot, if you are ever interested in staying there just contact me and I can refer you to my brother. It is the cutest, most quaint little condo decked out in every nook and cranny with collectibles that make the experience unique and homey. It has one bedroom and a small bath so perfect for a couple, individual or small family to get away. There is also a really nice pull out sofa bed, where I slept, which was comfortable. Jorge’s partner, Rick, has gone to great detail to ensure that the guests have every possible need fulfilled. We were both exhausted after our trek to Le Mazot so, we headed to bed. Today, we will be exploring Aspen Village to see what it has to offer. Will write more and add photos later. Till then!!

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