Thursday, March 29, 2012

Girls Getaway to Rome - Day 3

First stop on day #3 agenda, was to return to Piazza Navona so Leonardo could sketch my portrait. We had admired his work the day before but did not have time to get the portrait done. He is an amazing artist, and I was thrilled with the end result. From the Piazza, we walked a few blocks away (knowing the best food would be off the beaten path) to Bar del Fico. We were told they only had lasagna as the kitchen was closed. It made our choice very easy, yet we were all thrilled at the Broccoli Lasagna that was some of the best we have ever had.

Our next destination were the old Roman ruins (Centro Archeological); however, we found some great shopping along the way. First, I found an incredible pair of Italian boots at Autentic by Simone. Then, we found Italy’s largest fabric store, Fratelli Bassetti Tessuti where Massimo (aka Fred) help us select the perfect fabric for Katie to design and make her very own wedding was so much fun and an experience none of us will ever forget. We were thrilled we could be a part of that with her.

After the shopping spree, we finally arrived at Centro Archeological, which was ancient Rome’s ‘Times Square.’ We were there at the perfect time of day, as the sun was setting we walked in the footsteps of Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and St. Paul. This area was the civic core of the city with highlights including the arches of Titus, Constantine and Severus. Absolutely amazing!

After soaking in the statuesque history, we walked to Via del Corso, which is a popular shopping street. We window shopped our way to a side street where we found a lovely Italian restaurant. We toasted another wonderful Italian day and took a cab back to our hotel.

As we said goodbye to Roma, we reminisced about our incredible journey back in time to visit the history and wonder of the Roman empire. Definitely a Girls Getaway like no other. Next stop: Florence!

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Cathy said...

SO glad you are having a great time! Totally jealous! XXOO