Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Travel Tips for 20-Somethings

If you’re like most 20-somethings, then you are probably out of college and working a 9-to-5 job. Therefore, you likely have some flexible, vacation time and a decent amount of spending cash. Before you put a ring on it, or start a family, take advantage of this “no strings attached” time in your life to travel. This is the perfect age to go out and explore the world since you are probably healthy and energetic. At this time, whether it is back-to-back weekend getaways, or two week adventures around Europe, you can likely do what you want when it comes to vacations – so carpe diem and go explore!

To help you get the most out of your travels during your 20s, the experts from have put together some tips and advice:

·Split travel costs with friends: You can save money on your travels by going on a trip with a friend or two. By vacationing with a pal or group of friends, you can divide the costs of your accommodations, transportation and sometimes even your meals. Call up your BFFs and see who has the time to join you on your next adventure so you can “go Dutch” on your hotel room, cabs, happy hour food and drinks, and more.

·Be flexible with your travel plans to save money: If you can be flexible with your vacation timing then you can potentially save some money. For example, if you change and/or play around with your departure date then you can often get a better price on plane tickets. For instance, flying on a Wednesday is usually a great money-saving option as is flying in and/or out of an alternate airport with a low-cost carrier. For example, flying into Oakland on a low-cost carrier like Southwest will cost you significantly less than flying into San Francisco on a non-low cost carrier. If you do so, then it is just a short and affordable trip on the BART public transpiration system to get into San Francisco. Most major cities have alternate airports with low-cost carriers and public transportation.

·Pick a vacation theme to help find the best deal: Ask yourself what you are in the mood for when it comes to your next vacation. Are you craving sun, sand and surf? Need an adrenaline boost? Figure out exactly what it is that you want to do on your next trip and let this theme guide you to the best deal. For example, if you want a week in paradise, then consider booking a trip to Mexico instead of Hawaii or Montreal instead of France if you are a Francophile yearning to hear the spoken French language. There are deals out there for you to enjoy so pick a theme and then select the cheaper destination option that fits your taste.

·Leverage your college language skills: We bet you didn’t think those college Spanish or French language classes would come in handy, did you? Well think again. Having recently been in school, you are likely to remember what you were taught when it comes to a foreign language. So why not take advantage of that and travel to a place where you can use your language skills? Book a vacation to a foreign place where you can communicate in the native tongue. This will not only be a fun trip but also an enjoyable learning experience.

·Tap into technology to discover travel discounts: You can use your smartphone, laptop or computer to not only book travel but to also research deals. Sign up for and/or subscribe to different travel sites to receive regular newsletters and email updates about travel deals. These sites also provide detailed information on destinations so they are great resources for planning your next trip. Don’t forget about apps too! Nowadays there is an app for everything, including places to find cheap eats, discount hotel rooms and budget travel options. Download travel-related apps to help you research and save money.

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