Thursday, November 15, 2012

Submit Your Photo: Girls Getaway to Turk & Caicos

oceanclubentranceoceanclubsunoceanclubchairsThis month's Girlfriend Getaway photo was submitted by Ginya Carnahan who was one of the lucky winner's from last year's 5th Annual '12 Days til Christmas' Getaway Giveaway.  She writes:

"We landed in Providenciales after a pleasant hour and 20 minute flight.  The airport was tiny, but adequately equipped to perform the necessary customs functions before admitting us for our visit.  A crowd of folks was equally anxious to claim their bags, grab a cab and get their vacation started.
When we arrived at The Ocean Club, everything was in order and the staff welcomed us with friendly smiles.  'Action Jackson' escorted us to our suite, a neat-as-a-pin, spacious unit facing the most amazing beach and cove of turquoise water I had ever seen.  (I live in an area known for its beaches - but this one was truly exquisite!)

We ditched our city clothes, donned some shorts and headed for the Cabana Bar.  Our flight schedules had precluded any lunch and we were hungry.  Fish of the day - grouper caught that morning - was my choice and it was wonderful.  Fueled and up for adventure, we hit the beach - just a few short steps from the Cabana Bar.  I was mesmerized by the beach and the water - I hope that first vision of the beach will stay in my memory forever.  Just in case it fades, I took more than 400 photos during our 4-day stay.

The trip was just what the doctor ordered.  We slept late, indulged in some pampering, ate fabulous meals, shopped in the small stores and enjoyed each others company.  We both brought Kindles and spent many pleasant hours by the pool or on the beach - reading with our eyes closed!

I wish to thank Casey and her Girls Getaway Guide organization for this amazing trip.  And I encourage everyone out there to register for this year's 12-day Getaway Giveaway.  I want to enter again, but will restrain myself.  Someone else deserves to have a getaway experience like I did."

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