Monday, March 18, 2013

Getaway Girl Foundation Feedback

 We don't normally share our readers feedback on our blog, but this one was too great to pass up.  With her approval, we wanted to share a story of inspiration and empowerment, which is what the Girls Getaway Guide and The Getaway Girl Foundation are all about:

"I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with The Getaway Girl Foundation. I know it’s been hard work, but I think it’s SO worth it!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last summer (had surgery in October and am currently in chemo), so in the past several months I think I’ve become much more attuned to all the thoughtful and amazing things people like you are doing for folks who are dealing with one of life’s rough patches. Here I am WORKING in the travel industry, and my doctors tell me I can’t get on a plane, train or ship until my treatments are over. I’m craving a trip in a crazy way … because I know how much travel can cure much of what ails you. So the girlfriends I’ve been traveling with for 27 years have promised me one heck of a summer vacation when all this is in the rear-view mirror. I’m really fortunate to have a support network like that … and I want to compliment you on developing one for other women who may not be as lucky.

What you’re doing REALLY resonates with me, and I want to thank you for taking it on. I’m forwarding this to my traveling girlfriends, in the hopes that they’ll be inspired to make a donation … as I am.

In fact, I’m going to send a link out in the next update I provide for my big group of supporters (I send out monthly updates about how I’m doing). Here’s hoping it generates some financial support for your efforts!

Thank you for what you’re doing. It really does make a difference!"

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