Sunday, September 1, 2013

Girls Getaway to New Brunswick - Moncton

New Brunswick is an overlooked gem for girlfriends and foodies in Canada. It’s just an
eight-hour drive from Boston, so a great road trip for New Englanders. From Chicago, I hopped on a short flight to Toronto, then transferred to Moncton and took a road trip around the charming province.

Upon arrival at the Delta Beausejour Hotel in Moncton, we sipped on a refreshing glass of blueberry and grapefruit-infused water before heading up to the spacious penthouse suite. The hotel has a contemporary design, featuring vibrant artwork from local artists, but the building’s Acadian roots are on display at The Windjammer, a Four Diamond restaurant modeled after a ship captain’s dining room, where I had the pleasure of enjoying a multi-course seafood dinner. Chef Stefan Müller (pictured at right with me) was kind enough to show me his rooftop garden, along with his beehives (approach from the back to avoid being stung!) before we sat down to a feast. 

Chef Müller is known for his locavore menu, featuring fresh seafood and produce within a 100-mile radius of Moncton. Smoky mushroom chowder with honey-toasted barley and a trio of Poutine à trou was another of the Acadian desserts I tried, and so different from the “poutine” most Americans know, fries smothered in cheese and gravy from Quebec. This poutine (French for pudding) was like a mini pie, filled with tart cranberries, raisins and apples, and then the hole on top was filled with maple syrup for a sweet and sour delight.  Acadian desserts (pictured at right), including a sugar pie that is better than Momofuku Milk Bar’s crack pie, were highlights.

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