Monday, July 7, 2014

Travel Beauty Packing Tips - Consolidation is Key

Packing is easily one of the biggest hurdles of traveling. From clothing and shoes to soaps and gels, there are countless items 
to remember before jetting off – and when you’re only allotted up to 50 lbs per bag, The struggle is real. However, any experienced traveller knows consolidation is key.

This summer, avoid the packing dread and use products that serve a dual purpose. Here are a handful of space saving must haves for all of your travelling toiletry needs.

1.     Tinted moisturizer with SPF. Who wants to cake on heavy makeup while frolicking on vacation?  Tinted moisturizers or BB creams, which have built in SPF, are usually very light in texture so you wont feel like your makeup is sweating off in the hot sun either. Huge bonus.
2.’s Women’s 5 Blade. This razor offers a lubricated moisturizing strip that allows you to ditch the bulky shaving cream can. With a lubricated moisture strip, you can just use any other soap you may have on hand – i.e. hotel soap, shampoo, or even conditioner.
3.     Nail Polish Strips. Perfectly prepped nails are a must for any summer get away, but if you plan to strut your stuff on the beach all week, you’re more than likely to experience a chipped toenail or two. Rather than packing nail polish and topcoat for touch ups, pack polish strips that stick on and stay with zero drying time.
4.     Dry Shampoo. Blow dryer heat is the enemy after a day in the sun. Instead of overheating and damaging your hair by washing it daily, a dry shampoo will give your hair some bounce with little to no prep time. Skip the boat load of hair products, and keep it simple with this great hair day in can.

Vacation should be about relaxation, not about stressing over your luggage. Safe travels!

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