Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What's an Amtrekker?

So I have been getting a lot of questions about this “Amtrekker” guy I randomly picked up in Orlando and brought to live with my family for four days. After the initial shock from my family and friends wore off, I was able to explain to them that there is a perfectly rational explanation.

The Amtrekker is a homeless vagrant who is aimlessly roaming the country trying to accomplish 50 things he put on a list with no money. Not a big deal, right?

Brett Rounsaville (aka Amtrekker) contacted me last week in a crazy, random email and explained to me that he had to get #28 – SCUBA dive in the Atlantic Ocean – crossed off his list so he could go home later this month. After reluctantly offering to meet him for coffee in a crowded place where I could easily escape any potential advances by this unknown stranger, he explained that he had no money, no transportation and was staying with his magician friend in Davenport. Honestly, I thought, “what a weirdo.” So, like many people do when they halfway meet someone, I did a Google search. I found that he actually appeared to be a fairly normal guy, and I immediately understood what he was trying to accomplish. Plus, anyone who has ridden an ostrich is someone The Getaway Girl™ has to meet.

I met up with Brett in Orlando and drove him to Sebring where he borrowed my dad’s SCUBA gear. We made our way to Ft. Pierce so Amtrekker could cross #28 off his list. After helping him with his gear, videoing his triumph and getting a beach full of sand in my suit, we headed home completely exhausted.

During his stay, Brett became part of the family, and my dad offered to show him how to “work cows” on my family’s beef cattle ranch. Without hesitation, this California native hopped aboard a horse and herded the cows with the rest of us. Being the new guy provided him the opportunity to “learn the ropes” and join the fun at one of the dirtiest spots in the cow pens. Brett was the “gate guy” as we weighed about 60 cows that were getting shipped off the ranch. A few hours later, he was covered in cow manure and fully experienced in the ways of cattle wrangling.

After four days with the "Wohl-nuts," the Amtrekker was ready to move on. I dropped him off at the train station, feeling like I was abandoning a small puppy. He assured me he would be ok as his next stop would be Atlanta to ride a horse through a covered bridge.

I have learned a lot from Brett and I wish him all the best on his journey. To learn more about the Amtrekker and watch his crazy videos, visit

PHOTO: Casey Wohl and Brett Rounsaville (aka Amtrekker) at the Sebring train station.

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Cathy Hayes said...

This is GREAT!!! Glad you guys had a great time and you were able to help out this homeless vagrant!!!