Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Do You Have a Girlfriend Getaway to Promote?

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests for Girls Getaway destinations, accommodations and activities, The Getaway Girl™ is launching a new component to her current web site (http://www.girlsgetawayguide.net/) for women searching for Girls Getaway travel information. It will also be hosted at (http://www.getawaygirltravel.com/). The Girlfriend Getaway market is currently a $200 million market, representing 4% of all U.S. travel. Experts predict this market will increase significantly in future years.

The purpose of this new addition is to allow women to book pre-packaged Girl Getaway trips based on location and getaway experience. Developing a “one-stop shop” for Girl Getaway trips will eliminate the hassle of conducting research and visiting multiple sites to determine the best getaway destination for her group and budget.

Opportunities for Site Visitors
Site visitors will be able to browse for their ideal Girls Getaway by the following criteria:
1. Location (State, City, International)
2. Getaway Experience/Focus (Beach, Spa, Adventure, Culture, Shopping, Cruise, etc.)
3. Additional travel information (i.e. transportation, destination info/CVB, dining, etc)

User Experience
Upon landing on the Girls Getaway Guide home page, visitors will be able to click on the “Getaway Girl Travel” button, which will take them to a page and help them better plan their girl getaway travel. The user will be able to easily locate a Girls Getaway destination, resort and related travel needs and activities. Girl Getaway packages and resort destinations will be organized alphabetically by state. Users can browse through the resort profiles and select the one that best fits their group’s need. Upon finding the appropriate getaway, the user can then read a summary of the resort, which will include a brief overview, logo, photo and website. Once a user is satisfied with their selection, they can click on the hotel’s website for booking details or call them directly.

Due to the popularity of the Girls Getaway Guide’s 12 Days ‘til Christmas, we are creating a section on the website for “Giveaways.” Travel-related businesses can donate “prize giveaways” to be featured in this section of the website for a specified period of time. Contact information for site visitors who enter to win will be shared with the donating business. The posting of prizes will increase visibility of the donating business, promote and encourage travel excitement, and increase traffic to the website.

The Getaway Girl will continue to promote the Girl Getaway concept and drive traffic to the website (http://www.girlsgetawayguide.net/) via the following communications channels:
· Media appearances on TV, radio, online and print in local and national markets
· Social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, GetawyGirlConnect.com, etc)
· Monthly E-newsletter (4,000 current subscribers)
· Girls Getaway Guide website and blog (>5,000 unique visitors/month)
· Promotion at all Girls Getaway Guide special events

March 31 Deadline to secure participating resorts and businesses @ $250 rate
April 1-30 Webmaster designs new component of site
May 1 Soft promotional launch for travel component
June 1 Formal promotional launch for travel component released

Partner Benefits
· Receive direct access to target audience of female travelers looking for travel options via Girls Getaway Guide.
· Receive publicity for participation via blog, E-newsletter and social media outlets for the Girls Getaway Guide
· Mention in media interviews via local and national TV, radio, online and print.
· Partners who donate to the “giveaway” section will receive contact information for potential visitors.

To promote your Girlfriend Getaway Package with the Girls Getaway Guide, please email Info@GirlsGetawayGuide.net or call (863) 224-6326 by March 31, 2009.

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