Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Girlfriend Getaway Travel Tips For Moms

It is difficult for everyone to get away. We are all busy juggling work and family. But what happens when mom wants to getaway? The Getaway Girl provides tips for busy moms to help her trip be as stressfree and worryfree as possible! After all, she is the one who needs a break the most.

·A girlfriend getaway must be a planned date/event when you have children, so moms can prepare the kids and line up their care during the trip. Moms need to get away, but must be comfortable with the timing, who is watching the kids, etc. Some moms make their girlfriend getaway an annual event that is sscheduled and anticipated every year as they are more likely to go when it’s a tradition.

·Provide as much details in writing for the caregiver. The more details you have in writing before you depart, the better your trip will be and (hopefully) less calls about what the kids need and/or where they need to be. Include information such as:
*Kids daily schedule (wake up/bedtime, school drop off/pick up, after school activities, evening schedule, etc)
*Mom’s travel schedule/key contact information (hotel, flight, contact numbers for travel partners, etc).
*Important contact list (neighbors, grandparents/family, doctor, daycare/school, babysitter, pharmacy, etc.)
*List of medications, dosage/frequency, special instructions

·Notify daycare/school of who will be dropping off/picking up kids, as well as who to contact in case of emergency (since you will be out of town).

·Leave a list of “things to do” with details and contact information so dad or the caregiver has an idea of activities to keep the kids busy (i.e. visit the zoo or park, friends to play with, etc).

·Select a getaway location tailored to adults; the last things mom’s want on their vacation is to be around someone else’s kids. Agree as a group what you would like to do and where you’d like to go. Also discuss everyone’s budget so have the same financial expectations.

·Traveling with girlfriends should be fantastic! However, sometime the best of friends don’t travel well together. Enjoy your getaway with girlfriends who have similar interests and can join you as you “Leave Your Baggage at Home®.” The last thing you need is to travel with someone who is constantly worrying other things besides your getaway experience.

·Even if the kids are left with their father, it is always a good idea for both parents to have a surrogate form on file with their pediatrician and a will on file with an attorney.

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Annie said...

We should also give our mom some time to relax and unwind. They could go in the beach somewhere far from the usual place. Upon doing so, some travel tips must be helpful in order to enjoy the break.