Friday, June 12, 2009

Tips For Traveling Healthy!

After years of traveling and trying to stay fit while “on the go,” I had the opportunity to chat with Lisa Celentano, a personal trainer, about ways to travel healthy. Here are some of the tips she shared with me. Lisa is also our host for the Girls Getaway to Montana. There are three spots still available for June 30-July 5…just in time for the popular Livingston Rodeo. For more details, visit

Getaway Girl®: When traveling, what are some ways to maintain your usual exercise program?
If traveling by vehicle, stop often enough to stretch your legs. Use a park bench at a rest stop for step ups, push ups and tricep extensions. Make a goal of two or three sets of 12-15 reps. Try to put in 10 minutes, 3 or 4 times per day. Always end your day with a walk, maybe around a hotel, new city, campground or resort. Of course you can always incorporate a hotel gym on your travels, but it's also fun to mix up your routine, but stay consistent! Also, be sure to pack healthy snacks and avoid fast food.

Getaway Girl®: What are some great exercises you can do in your hotel room? Hotel rooms (and hallways) are actually a great place for a workout. If you have a buddy with you, avoid the elevator and use the stairs if available. (it can be scary alone, so avoid this unless you have a buddy). Do walking lunges down those long corridors on each floor. They're great for your legs and butt and you can do them quietly without disturbing other guests. In your room, do as many squats as you can while drying your hair or watching TV. The bigger muscles burn more calories, so use your legs and butt for as many as you can. For crunches, place your calves on a chair, back on the floor, curl your shoulders up to your thighs, hold for two seconds, ease down and repeat. Always exhale on exertion. Breathing correctly enhances your workout.....and your results...tremendously.

Getaway Girl®: What are some diet dos & don’ts while traveling?
Don’ts: Biggest don’t is not eating all day, then overeating at dinner time and then going to bed. Do not open a bag of chips and sit them in your lap while driving. Do, get a few ziploc bags and split up things like chips into normal portions so that when they're done, they're done! And lastly, don't forget fiber rich foods. Traveling is one of the worst culprits for digestive problems. Our body clock "knows" when, but the inconvenience of being on the road will definitely throw you off your routine. Also, don't sit for long periods of time.

Dos: Again, pack healthy snacks for your trip (maybe even a small cooler), such as yogurt, light cheese sticks, almonds, carrots, celery, an apple.........and a candy bar! Yes…. a CANDY BAR! Nibble on it throughout the day and you'll still feel like you're on "vacation" without completely depriving yourself. Do make it simple...calories in, calories out. If you eat 250 calories, you probably need to walk almost an it worth it? If not, eat half!! Dining out DO's - get rid of half (or all) of your bread. Opt out of sauces. Use half your salad dressing and skip the croutons. Ask for heavy sauces and dressings on the side....or not at all. Drink water instead of iced tea or soda. Add lemons and Splenda, make a no-cal (and free) lemonade. Do stay hydrated.

Lisa Celentano has always been athletic, but it wasn’t until after high school when she gained 20 pounds that she joined a gym. After a few months at the gym, she was asked to teach a class. She enjoyed her work so much that she started working at the gym full time and became the health club manager at the age of 18. She acquired her first certification as a personal trainer at the age of 20. About two years later, she quit college and opened her own gym, BusyBODIES. Now, 23 years later, Celentano has expanded her love for fitness and travel by hosting an Adventure Camp in Montana during the summer months. The majority of travelers are seeking a relaxing stay and a rewarding experience that may just change their lifestyle........for the better. Her motto has always been "do what you love, and inspire all you can."


Christina B said...

Hello. These are some great tips. I am a flight attendant and I have some trouble with the food because I already carry so much. I do like to bring raw veggies and fruit, packs of oatmeal and crackers and tuna fish. Life is even harder now that I am trying to eat Gluten Free.

As far as exercise, I still have therapy bands that I even use on the plane waiting for the passengers. I stand with my back against the wall like I was sitting in a chair while watching tv and twist side to side for my abs while on the computer.

I would love to put this post on my blog, so look for it there.

Christina B said...

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