Sunday, January 24, 2010

Submit Your Girls Getaway Photo!

This month’s photo was submitted by Katie Breedlove of Auburn, Alabama who proves you don’t have to travel far to have a great Girls Getaway.

Katie writes:
“We celebrated Jessica’s birthday with a full day of Girls Getaway fun. During the day we tailgated prior to Auburn University's football game, which was later that evening. We went to the Tigerwalk, an Auburn tradition, where the players walk down through the tailgates before they go into the game. We ate at Mama G's Deli (a MUST in Auburn) and then went to dinner at Tino's Mexican Restaurant for drink specials and then off to Sky Bar Cafe. Sky Bar is a huge venue with multiple bars inside of it. There are about three bars outside with live bands, and there are also 2-3 bars inside with DJs and live music. There are a lot of traditions in Auburn. For example, after an Auburn win in any sport, everyone goes to Rolling Toomers Corner and rolls the tree with toilet paper. Auburn is great place for anyone to have a great Girls Getaway.”

In the photo: Jessica Corona, Katie Breedlove, Randa Owen, Jessica Jones, Liza Luker, Anna Beck, Lauren Rooney, Maggie McAlary, Chelsea Anheuser, Dottie Grubb, Grace Socha

To submit your girl getaway photos, email us at

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