Sunday, April 18, 2010

Girls Getaway to Grenada - Day 2

We started the second day with some R&R on the Pink Gin Beach, which was just steps away from our hotel rooms. With the delivery of fresh fruit juices, we agreed this must be heaven and we don’t want to leave. We heard the Caribbean-style music performed by Ignacio, who designs tin drums and teaches you how to play. Of course, we both took “lessons” and purchased tin drums of our own for souvenirs (and some must needed practice back home).

With the pool nearby, we heard the Aquacise music and couldn’t help but jump into the pool and join the group. We had a techno-style workout, which was fun. Grace and I even picked up some guys at the pool…literally! After our perfect pool workout, we found Nigel for an archery lesson (neither of us had ever tried it). Nigel taught us the basic stance, grip and technique. Then we were on our own. I finally hit the red, which was the closest one could get to the yellow bullseye. Beginners luck? Perhaps, but I will try it again one day.

We ate lunch at LaSource’s Oscar’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, which provides one outstanding beach view. We split a pizza and each ordered a Marinated Jerk Chicken Caesar Salad. Next, it was off to the spa for our two treatments (we got one per day but missed our appointments yesterday because of our tour, so they were kind enough to double them indulgence today). Many thanks for my Silk & Smooth Exfoliation and the LaSource Signature Back Massage.

After total muscle relaxation at the spa, it was time for our Master’s Yoga Class at the resort’s hilltop Relaxation Pavilion with Dr. Manoj Kutteri (LaSource’s spa director) and Dr. Akbar Malik, editor of the international edition of Yoga Magazine and a dedicated yoga instructor for more than 15 years.

LaSource offers a variety of activities and we wanted to try them all; however, we ran out of time. Equipment and classes are provided for water sports, bicycling, archery, golf, tennis, kayak, yoga, tai chi, cardio and workout classes, pool volleyball, Caribbean Dance, diving and snorkeling.

PHOTO: Nigel helps me perfect my archery aim at LaSource Resort, Grenada.

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