Sunday, April 25, 2010

Girls Getaway to NYC - Day 3

We enjoyed our morning coffee while sitting on our balcony and gazing at the New York skyline. With some caffeine in my blood stream, I was ready to start my day as a “shopaholic.” Our cab driver dropped us off in Soho and hit as many stores as we could (H&M, Banana Republic, Bloomingdale’s, Top Shop, Scoop, Steve Madden and more). We even had fun shopping for the grandson/great grandson on the way (see photo). I had so many more places to shop on my list, but we ran out of time (and I was running out of money) as we had plans to meet my cousin, Nikki, at her Soho apartment later in the day.

We caught up with Nikki, and her mom Nancy, at the apartment where we had cocktails and toasted our NYC getaway. Then we went to dinner at Mezzogiorno Restaurant ( For appetizers, we ordered calamari sautéed with tomato, avocado and red crushed pepper and sautéed baby artichokes with pistachio and parmigiano cheese. Nikki and I split the pan seared chicken breast with avocado in a light creamy truffle sauce and ravioli with black truffle…so good! Our table split three desserts: crème brulée with raspberry and caramelized sugar cane, baked apple tart “Cortina” style and creamy zabaione pudding with fresh strawberries. Everything was perfect! A great recommendation for anyone looking for good food in Soho.

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