Thursday, June 3, 2010

Girls Getaway to Trinidad - Day 1

The next morning consisted of a visit to the Heartbeat Radio for Women office in Trinidad where I phoned the U.S. station for my weekly Travel Segment (airs every Thursday at 9:30 AM). Best Life Barb was jealous I got to visit Trinidad before she did, but we agreed we’d come for their famous Carnival celebration in February. After the radio segment, Kiran drove me to the popular beach area of Maracas Bay for some beach time and my very first Bake N’ Shark. What is Bake N’ Shark you ask? It is basically fried dough and highly seasoned fried fish (shark), which does not sound all that amazing or innovative but it is very popular with the locals (also known as Trinis). I learned is that the popularity of this sandwich is all in the execution. The condiment bar is often as large as the fish stand that cooks it and contains everything from cilantro sauces to garlic sauce, tamarind sauce, chopped vegetables and of course pepper sauce. There are several fish shacks near the beach that sell Bake N’ Shark, but be sure you go to the one with the longest line as that is usually the best!

After a tour of Maracas Bay, we drove to Pax Guest House for Afternoon Tea. I was so exhausted and the setting was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep. That evening consisted of dinner and cultural entertainment at Spalkers. I had no idea what limbo dancers were, but now that I have seen it firsthand I am amazed at “how low they can go.” Incredible!
PHOTO: My Bake N Shark served with a Stag Beer!

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