Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Getawy to Tobago - Day 2

We woke up early Saturday morning for a hike through the Tobago Rainforest with Newton George. This rainforest is the oldest in the Western Hemisphere and was originally established by the French. This forested area has incredible biodiveristy including many species of birds, mammals, frogs, (nonpoisonous) snakes, butterflies, crabs and other invertebrates. You normally don’t see a celebrity while hiking through a rainforest, but The Getaway Girl travel sightings never cease to amaze anyone.

While hiking, we “ran into” Dwight Yorke, who recently returned as a professional soccer player for Manchester United. My UK co-hikers were overjoyed at the opportunity to met him and get our photos taken with him. It just goes to NEVER know who you will meet on a Girls Getaway! After the hike, I toured the Villas at Stonehaven (, where celebs such as Shakira, Chaka Khan, Elton John and others stay when they play the Tobago Jazz Festival.

We arrived at Pigeon Point Heritage Park for lunch and a Buccoo Reef Tour. Buccoo Reef is the largest coral reef in Tobago and was designated as a marine park in 1973. The popular dive site contains a reef system of five flats separated by deep channels. A major feature of the excursion is Nylon Pool a veritable tranquil paradise in the ocean. This unique feature of the reef complex allows swimmers to enjoy their own private swimming pool. Depths are no greater than 7-10 feet at high tides. The Nylon Pool is shallow and ideal for swimming, with a soft sandy bottom. Local folklore promises that a swim in the waters of the Nylon Pool will make you look five years younger, but I don’t see much difference yet.

PHOTO: Girls Getaway to Tobago. While hiking through the Tobago rainforest, we met pro soccer player Dwight Yorke.

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