Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girls Getaway to the French Riviera - La Palme d'Or, La Chunga & Champagne Bottles on Fire

After a hotel tour (including the 10,700 square foot suite; one of the largest in Europe), we enjoyed a delectable dinner at La Palme d’Or Restuarant, a two-star Michelin restaurant featuring Chef Christian Sinicropi. This was one of the most decadent meals I have ever eaten with the presentation just as spectacular as the food. In fact, the chef and his wife make all of the serving dishes by hand so they create the exact type of presentation for each entree. We started with the Dublin Bay Prawn, marinated and roasted, as a tartare seasoned with sour and smoked flavors with splits of black truffle, purple Hollandaise sauce, basil leaves and combawa citrus fruits, and a cubic of beetroot gazpacho.

Our entree was The Cheek of Veal, preserved and served with young carrots with mimosa seasoning and zests of citrus fruits. After that, we were presented with a selection of cheeses, a pre-dessert, then the restaurant’s signature dessert, The Chocolate ‘Palme d’Or’ that is creamy and crispy golden Jivara chocolate with a Tonka bean ice cream. And if that was not enough, we enjoyed herb tea steamed right in front of us after the herbs were hand cut from the plant. To top it off, we enjoyed fireworks over the Mediterranean Sea thanks to a Russian wedding reception that was taking place on the beach just outside our table's balcony. Then, on our way out of the restaurant, we received a parting gift....more dessert!

After dinner, Nubia, Lara and I made our way to La Chunga, a piano bar/club located just across the street from our hotel, for a night on the town. After all, we were in Cannes on a Saturday night. One minute we are outside with our cocktails, the next minute we are inside and someone is pouring us champagne out of a huge bottle that is on fire. Welcome to the party! The party ended for me when an angry (and very intoxicated) French woman threw champagne on me. It was very dramatic....just like something out of a movie!

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