Sunday, January 15, 2012

Night Out: Girls Bachelorette Party Getaway to Cancun

Upon requesting a dinner restaurant in town (there are 350 to choose from), the resort concierge recommended we try Harry’s Prime Steakhouse and Raw Bar. We started with a round of cocktails....Coconut Martini, Mango Martinis and a Margarita on the Rocks. The drinks were delicioso, sp we knew we were in for a treat. This was an amazing dining experience....everything from the Crab Wontons to the New York Strip to the Mahi to the Macaroni & Cheese was amazing! And just when we thought we couldn’t eat one more bite, they brought a huge, blue cotton candy display for the center of our table. After taking ridiculous photos with the Marge Simpson hair look-a-like, Heather distributed our stick-on mustaches for even more giggles (and a few stares from the other patrons).

After dinner, we made our way to Mandala where we lounged on outdoor sofa seating and were completely entertained by watching the people on the street. In fact, Diablo (an older gentleman) was the most entertaining. Our waiter told us that Diablo comes to the Hotel Zone every night as he has done for the past 10 years and dances in front of various bars and night clubs. Very entertaining and a fabulous dancer! After we had enough of Mandala, we walked around the zone, got the scoop on Coco Bongo and were finally coerced into Congo Bar (they offered us a round of free drinks). Next thing I knew, Vandy and I are on the dance platform with Cancun’s version of Pitbull in a zebra robe. We danced for a while, then wanted down to our drinks, but Pitbull chained off the entrance so we were stuck there in short skirts dancing for the entire bar. Welcome to Cancun!

With the morning approaching and an early flight in the back of our minds, we decided to call it a night and head back to the resort. As we were waiting in our taxi, we caught a glimpse of a drunk guy urinating towards us about 15 feet away. I explained (jokingly) to Vandy that this was the male stripper we hired for her. However, when they guy started running towards our car while still urinating, we yelled at the driver to step on the gas and the out of there.

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