Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ziplining: Girls Bachelorette Party Getaway to Cancun

Ziplining was on Vandy’s bucket list, so she was very excited as we arrived a Selvatica. We were greeted by their super friendly and welcoming staff who helped get us geared up for the adventure of zipping across lines to 12 different stations located in the jungle canopy.

Carly was looking forward to tackling a fear. “I have a fear of heights, so zip lining will be a great opportunity to challenge those apprehensions while getting a unique and amazing view of the jungles of Mexico,” she said.

We all zipped, flipped upside down, posed for action shots and had some of the most fun you can have with unattractive helmets and construction gloves on. After the zipping, we stopped at the Plunge where Heather and Vandy bungeed off a 30-foot high platform for a little more adrenaline.

“The ziplining was awesome, but the jump from the platform was even better,” Vandy said. “The staff was so energetic; there was never a dull moment!”

We then climbed into an army truck and were transported to Selvatica’s Cenote, which is a freshwater sink hole where everyone was able to zip, dive or walk into the water for a refreshing swim. Since we had no towels and are all from Florida, we decided the water was too cold. We perched on a deck facing the action and decided that watching the action was even better than being a part of it as we watched European men in very small swimsuits bellyflop into the water. After, we made our way back into the army trucks (thanks Selvatica staff for hiding in the bushes and scaring me to death) and returned to Selvatica’s headquarters for lunch, which was fantastic!

“Selvatica was my favorite experience of the entire trip. I was hesitant to zip line because of my fear of heights, but the staff was very experienced and reassuring. The jungle was beautiful and the trip to the Cenore was an unexpected surprise,” Carly said. “And the lunch was some of the best food I had in Mexico! Overall, it was a terrific experience that I would recommend to anyone traveling to Cancun.”

After checking out the Selvatica ‘merchandise,’ we were sad to leave. Many thanks to the amazing team at Selvatica....Alejandro, Carlos, Jhony, Raul (our James Franco look-a-like), Panther (and anyone else I am leaving out) for an unforgettable Cancun memory. With our adventure over for the day, we headed back to the resort for some more R&R, which would be much needed before the crazy evening ahead.


Missey Selvatica said...

Hey Casey! I love your blog post! We are so happy you girls had such a fun time with us! If you want to join us on Facebook our page is Selvatica-The Adventure Kingdom! You can find me at Missey Selvatica! If it is ok I would love to post a link to your blog from mine at
Have a great day chica!

Casey Wohl - The Getaway Girl said...

Yes, that would be great! THX!

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curtis03 Lewis said...

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