Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Take The Stress Out of Travel & Enjoy Your Next Getaway

Sometimes just thinking about your next vacation is stressful....where to go, when to book, taking care of things at home before you leave.  Almost makes you want to nix the  entire vacation.  Whether your next excursion is a weekend away or a two-week retreat, studies show that ‘getting away’ helps reduce stress levels and provides you with down time to re-focus and re-energize.  So what are some ways you can avoid stressing out before and during your next trip?

Embrace the Uncertainty. Unplanned things will happen to you while you travel, so it is best to embrace the uncertainty versus worry about it.  You cannot control if your flight will be delayed, you get stuck in traffic, your luggage is lost, or you forget something.  Allowing your mind to be open to uncertainty can actually help you cope.  Plus, sometimes the uncertainty can make things fun....if you let it.

Plan Ahead. The best places always book quickly, so make as many reservations in advance as you can for hotel, restaurants, spa, show tickets, cultural attractions and other activities. The more reservations you can make ahead of time, the more organized your trip will be.

Pack Smart. You can save yourself a lot of stress by packing appropriately. Check the weather forecast and make a list of all the things you may need to bring with you.  Pack at least the day before you leave, to avoid the stress of being rushed. Packing items that layer is always best, and (for ladies especially) stay within the same color scheme to lessen the amount of items you pack.  Keep things you may need while traveling in your carry-on bag, but pack the rest of your items in your checked luggage to reduce your chances of getting held up at security points.

Dress For Comfort. While people used to dress up for travel, we now know how important it is to dress for comfort when on the go. Be sure you wear (or bring) comfortable shoes. Also, be sure to pack clothes that you can comfortably move in and don’t mind wearing all day.  Plan to accessorize in order to dress up an outfit for easy day-to-night fashion modifications.

Take Care Of Your Body.  Get plenty of sleep before and during your trip, take vitamins, and have some stress relievers on hand to decrease your chances of getting sick from the stress of travel and the germs re-circulated in the airplane. Eat small meals throughout the day versus only a few large ones, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Remember to stretch your legs frequently to keep circulation active.

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