Friday, August 17, 2012

No Excuses! Are You Focused on You??

I hear from women all the time “I’d love to go on a Girls Getaway with you” or “you have the best life” or “next time you go on a Girls Getaway I want to go.”

For all of you women out there, I planned a Girls Getaway to Seaside, FL for Sept. 27-30 with the intent of inviting anyone and everyone (well, no men).  Now I am chatting with those ladies who made the previously stated comments and they all have one excuse after another for not being able to join me on this getaway.  I started wondering, why don’t women make themselves a priority?  After all, they work so hard for everyone else in their lives (kids, husband, boyfriend, boss, family, etc), but when it comes to taking care of themselves there seems to be a million excuses.  Face it, thousands of women have confessed to “letting themselves go” and not making themselves a priority in their own life.  So what’s the first step to re-focusing on you?

A recent research study unveiled a vital component of wellness and happiness - vacations. The survey “The Takeaways from Getaways” found that more than 9 out of 10 Americans reported feeling happier after taking a vacation and 77% believed that their overall health improved. So why aren’t you taking your much-needed Girls Getaway? Here are some of the most popular excuses and why they just don’t work:

1) I have so much to do.  I just don’t have time. 
The science of productivity is pretty clear that anything from a coffee break to a two-week vacation can make us more productive by replenishing our energy and attention and allowing our brains to make new connections that are obscured in the daily grind. So making “me time” will ensure you are more efficient at home and at work. 

2) I feel guilty leaving family and work.
If you're stressed and busy, a vacation may seem like yet another thing to do....time is spent planning and when you get back to everyday life you might think you will be more overwhelmed.  However, you may be doing more long-term harm than you realize.  Studies show you will be healthier for taking that getaway. 
  • One 2005 study found that women who don't take regular vacations were two to three times more likely to be depressed compared to women who take regular vacations.
  • Researchers found an 8x higher risk of heart attack and death among women who rarely took vacations compared to women who took at least one vacation every 2-5 years.
3) We just took a family vacation.
A family vacation is NOT a vacation for Mom!  While you do get away from work and home, you are still a mom, which is not always relaxing and reenergizing.  While I’m sure you love vacationing with the family, these vacations don’t allow you to recharge, refresh and unwind.

4) I’d love a Girls Getaway, but I just can’t afford it.
The ironic thing about this excuse is that a Girls Getaway is one of the most economical ways to travel.  The group can split accommodations, gas money, meals, etc.  If you really want to go, you will find a way to save you really need those new pair of shoes or the $4 lattes every day?  The secret to successful travel budgeting is as much about priorities as it is about the money.  Deciding where to spend dollars is a no-brainer: NO to stuff. YES to experience.  Americans are more connected to memories than mementos: 82% say their happiest life moments came from vacation experiences.  Those shoes will be outdated next season, but your memories will last a lifetime.

5) I’m the boss (at home and/or work) and things will fall apart if I leave.
Your team (whether at home or work) can survive without you.  Follow these tips to make sure they succeed while you're away, and they will make your vacation more enjoyable.
  • Delegate. Make sure your family/team feels empowered to carry on and step up without you. Delegate responsibilities, and make sure everyone knows who is responsible for what. This will not only ensure nothing goes unnoticed, but it will empower people to take more initiative--when you're gone and after you return.
  • Leave them a schedule. Let them know where you will be and how to reach you in case of an emergency.  For home, make sure the kids schedule is written down and easy to follow.
  • Allow for mistakes. Everyone drops the ball at some point, but even that is a learning experience. Allow for mistakes to happen when you're away. It won't be the end of the world.
"Vacations are not trivial," says Frank Farley, PhD, a leading clinical psychologist, professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, and former president of the American Psychological Association. "In this workaholic America, we have to treat them as precious stuff ... keep alive the good feelings and relaxing times."

With all of this in mind, will you put the excuses aside and join us for a fabulous Girls Getaway to Seaside, FL on September 27-30??  I promise you will have a wonderful time and return home refreshed, healthier (mind, body & spirit) and more focused on you.  For more details, visit

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