Sunday, June 8, 2008

Amazing Dinner at Marmalade in Old San Juan

While in Old San Juan, we wanted to get dinner and drinks. We made our way into a restaurant called Marmalade, which is located on Fortaleza Street. We ordered a Pomegrante Martini and a Mojito, as well as Paella Bytes, Baby Field Greens with Honey Passion Fruit Vinaigrette, Tiny White Bean Soup with Black Truffle Oil, and Ceviche. Everything was absolutely amazing! I now have a new favorite restuarant. This place is a "must-visit" during your time in Puerto Rico.

Chef Peter Schintler, originally from Iowa, has been all over the world studying and preparing amazing food. He currently brings his extraordinary flair for exquisite and creative cuisine to Old San Juan. Thank you for one of my favorite meals to date. Also, many thanks to Rob for his impeccable service and wonderful recommendations.

For more information about Marmalade, visit
PHOTO: Chef Peter Schintler & Casey Wohl at Marmalade.


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