Monday, June 9, 2008

Girls Night Out at the Sugar Cube's Foam Party

We met up with Nina, Nicole and the girls after our rainforest visit. We had wine, appetizers, dinner and great conversations at their condo in Palmas Del Mar. After dinner we cautiously attended a "foam party" at the local hangout, the Sugar Cube.

Manolo (the bar owner, not the shoe) insisted we start with his infamous strawberry rum shots. It was downhill from there, but Nina "washed her hands" frequently and someone got my name imprinted on them.....what happens in Puerto Rico, stays in Puerto Rico.

Top - Jo Beth, Casey, Lisa & Sarah enjoy the foam party.
Bottom right - Jeri gets decorated in foam.
Bottom - Jeri, Casey, Nina & Nicole sample Manolo's strawberry rum shots.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I randomly searched for a foam party in Orlando and came across your blog post. I can't find any Sugar Cube by my search, so could you pass on a little info - like where is Sugar Cube or where else can I find a foam party in Orlando?


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