Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rainforest - Here We Come!!!

Today, we rented a car from Charlie Car Rental (across from our hotel) and drove to El Yunque, a nearby rainforest located southeast of San Juan. It was nice to see other parts of the country besides the city. Compared to other countries, Puerto Rico is fairly Americanized. We saw many familiar businesses, most everyone speaks English and the dollar is used here, so no need to convert currency.
Once we arrived at El Yunque, we ate lunch at Yuquiyu Delights, an outdoor cafe that served hamburgers, hot dogs and pizza, as well as authentic Puerto Rican food (I tried the alcapurrias, which are plantains filled with ground beef or crab meat). After lunch, we hiked the Trail Bano de Oro, which was about a 30 minute hike through the rainforest. The tropical foliage was beautiful and the hike was just long enough to allow us to stretch our legs before getting back into the car.
After our visit to the rainforest, we plan to drive further south to Humacao to visit my friends Nina and Nicole. Stay tuned!
TOP PHOTO - Casey Wohl in the El Yunque waterfalls
BOTTOM PHOTO - Casey and Jeri enjoy the view at the Yokahu Tower

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Anonymous said...

I love this photo of you and your mom. Looks like you gals had a great time!!