Sunday, August 3, 2008

BAM! Dinner and cooking lessons at Emeril's

BAM! We were all so excited about our cooking demonstration and dinner at Emeril's. As we waited for the limo, we talked about what we purchased that day and reviewed our spa indulgences.
We arrived at Emeril's and were greeted by Chef Jay, who cooked some amazing things to nibble on (we loved it all, especially the corn relish) and he provided some great cooking tips (even I could do them).
Many thanks to Chef Jay, John and George, as well as Emeril's Manager Gabriel for their spectacular food and service. We had a fabulous time!
PHOTOS: Girls waiting for limo outside the Gaylord Palms (top), Chef Jay teaches Casey a trick to cutting an onion (bottom left), Chef Jay shows us how to prepare and cook a tasty corn relish (bottom right).


Leigh said...

What an awesome weekend! It was wonderful meeting new friends, with lots of laughs and so wonderful memories!! Thanks Casey.

Casey Wohl said...

I'm glad you had a great time. You are so much fun and a fabulous friend! Casey