Thursday, August 14, 2008

Casey Wohl Attends Ya Ya Network Conference

I had a terrific day today at the 6th Annual Ya Ya Network Conference in Orlando. It was a great “Girls Day Out” and I made so many new friends and learned so much about the power of sisterhood and friendship, even new ones. We started the day with a presentation by Dr. Kamy R. Kemp, breast surgeon and certified mammographer with the Breast Care Center of Florida. She updated us on new technologies with breast cancer diagnostics, surgeries and treatment. Most helpful were her tips if you or a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer. She recommends asking your medical oncologist if you qualify for a medical trial. If your surgeon recommends a mastectomy, Dr. Kemp recommends asking for an explanation of why the breast cannot be saved.

Next, I attended the workshop “Finding Your Passion.” We had several presenters and I found them all helpful. Jennifer Lee recited a great quote that reminds us that when we are gone, it doesn’t matter the year we are born or the year we die, put what we do in between those years…what we do with our “dash.”

Our keynote presenter at lunch was Fawn Germer, author of the Oprah-recommended book Hard Won Wisdom. Fawn was a true inspiration to us all and reminded us that in tough times, we must be tougher. In addition, she quoted the proverb, if you fall down seven times, get up eight. Many thanks to Fawn for her strong words of encouragement.

Last, I attended the workshop “Becoming A Person of Influence.” Again, all of the presenters were wonderful. However, I most related to Lucille O’Neal (Shaq’s mom). Most people would recognize her as the mother of an amazing athlete, but after listening to her speak, you will quickly find out that SHE is an amazing person. Her words of wisdom: Be true to yourself.

What a great day! Many thanks to Pam Carmen and all of her wonderful volunteers for assembling a fabulous agenda and wonderful women. I will see you all next year!

PHOTO: Casey Wohl with Fawn Germer, author of Oprah-recommended book Hard Won Wisdom.


Jennifer Lee said...

I agree with you...fantastic day at the YaYa conference! This was my first year attending the conference and I can't wait for the next one. You mentioned the poem I read from - The DASH. Let me share the movie with you and your readers - click on this URL and you can see the 3 minute movie from the Simple Truths website
We start our "Become the Artist of Your Life" personal development workshop with this movie. The message is's your are you living it?
We believe you are giving a small amount of time on this earth - live it proactively, with passion and purpose!
A huge part of living a fulfilling life is to have FUN! The Girls Getaway Guide is a great way to plan that fun!
Embrace today and everyday,
Jennifer Lee
Creating Your Masterpiece

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