Sunday, August 23, 2009


On Saturday morning we enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage tour of the historic city thanks to Carolina Polo & Carriage Company ( Our four-legged host Winston who pulled us around town during this 60-minute tour. Also, thank you Greg, who is one of Charleston’s best historians and taught me how to drive the carriage. Charleston was founded in 1670 and is known as the ‘holy city’ because of all the churches. Despite much damage due to battles and hurricanes, Charleston has done a wonderful job preserving its heritage and history. During the tour, we also learned the difference between the S.O.Bs and the S.N.O.Bs. If you don’t already know this, you’ll have to join us for our Girls Getaway to Charleston in November to learn more!

After the fun and educational carriage tour, we strolled through the City Market where we found all sorts of crafts and good for sale in four huge buildings. The market is best known for the sweet grass basket weavers who are actually making the baskets as they sell them. The market is open 365 days a year, so be sure to check it out during your next visit. After the market, we strolled along King Street where we found tons of stores, including most stores you’d find in malls (Bebe, Saks Fifth Avenue, Ann Taylor and Nicole Miller) as well as some great specialty stores like Lily and Eden Boheme.

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