Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tourism is the Ultimate Stimulus Package Says Media Travel Expert

Creating sustainable prosperity in U.S. towns and cities through creation and promotion of alluring attractions in U.S. destinations coupled with focused marketing aimed at reaching travelers in global destinations where their currency conversion results in powerful purchasing power should be a lead agenda item in every village, town and city in the U.S. according to travel expert broadcaster Stephanie Abrams.

According to Abrams, “The reinforcement of our national infrastructure as part of our ‘stimulus package’ agenda is very important. But if our roads, tunnels and bridges are marketed as part of a tourism trail that leads travelers along appealing routes that would attracts domestic and international tourists, we would be well on the way to economic recovery and ongoing sustainable prosperity for towns and cities large and small.” Abrams points out that construction projects that begin and end provide employment in the locales for a finite period of time.

But Abrams notes that, “If construction projects were tied into identifying, creating and promoting existing historic, cultural, and natural sites of interest as well as attractions and locations where exciting events can be planned, these tourism attractions would create and perpetuate jobs in each community.
Sales and marketing personnel would be needed to promote the destination, local attractions would create job opportunities for everyone from admission sales to maintenance, and the influx of visitors would add to the region’s economy through the purchase of overnight stays at local lodgings, restaurant visits, souvenir shopping and other purchases that add to the profits of local businesses, support non-profit venues, and add to the local, state and federal tax revenues. There’s no nicer way to increase local tax collection than by having visitors support your economy through local purchases and payment of taxes associated with those purchases.”

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Source: Hospitality 1st

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