Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Girls' Getaway to London - My English Family

During this entire trip, I had been meeting some of the nicest people who helped me find my way, gave me directions and brought me into their circle of friends as if we had known each other for 10 years. However, Sam and Jane (Beth’s parents) went above and beyond as they took in a complete stranger (me) for one of the most traditional and family-focused days of the year - Christmas. Plus, I knew I loved Jane when I saw her Christmas tree, Tallulah. We were later joined by Gemma and Oliver (Beth’s siblings) as we opened Christmas presents (Jane and Beth had even wrapped some for me so I didn’t feel left out), watched movies, enjoyed Christmas lunch, and watched the Queen’s Speech (thanks Sam for making me stand up and salute her...alone).

I returned to London on Boxing Day with my two English sisters as Beth and Gemma came to stay with me for a few nights. Although exhausted from the trip, we rallied and joined their step brother, Beau, at a London hot spot to help celebrate his friends birthday. After this crazy night, “what happens on Boxing Day...will not be repeated.” We hung out the next day, watched chick flicks and ordered Chinese take out as we reminisced about the past few days and planned for the girls to come visit me in Florida.

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