Thursday, April 3, 2008

From cocktails to cougars...

From cocktails to cougars to stolen wheelchairs to broken ankles to stalkers to Baby Got Back to amateur strippers to popcorn stories, we had a terrific time at Carly's Bachelorette Party.
Carly (aka Bug, Stein, Louise, Carls) we love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness.
Photo: Bug shaking "what her momma gave her" on stage. Is that a lap dance?


Bug-Stein-Louise-Carls said...

Oh no you didn't!!! I had such a great time last evidenced by the hot mess I am in all the pictures. :) No one can plan a girl's getaway like my future sister! But you keep those popcorn stories to yourself! :) I love you!

Cathy Hayes said...

Seriously...what's the scoop on the popcorn stories? You have my attention!!!