Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nashville's Favorite "Meat and Three"

In the south, some country restaurants are often called "Meat and Threes" as they offer your choice of one meat and three sides. Arnold's Country Kitchen is legendary in Nashville as one of the best Meat and Threes in the area. Mandy and I ate lunch there, and I cannot remember the last time I had country cooking this good. Meat choices include fried chicken, roast beef, fried catfish, and chicken and dumplings, while side choices include fried green tomatoes, turnip greens, mashed potateos, macaroni and cheese, green beans and much more. Plus, you also get their homemade corn bread and an optional homemade dessert. If you want to experience classic country cooking in a very casual, cafeteria-style atomosphere, visit one of Nashville's many Meat and Threes.


polaris said...

glad to visit here

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