Sunday, May 18, 2008

Casey Wohl Attends Orlando Fringe Festival

On Saturday, Brandi and I attended the 17th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival, which is taking place May 15-26 at Loch Haven Park. This festival is the longest-running U.S. Fringe Festival and is founded on the concept of offering completely uncensored theater, music, dance and art to kids and adults. One hundred percent of the proceeds return to the artists.
Fringe festivals began in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1947 when several performers and artists were not invited to participate in the Edinburgh International Festival. They decided to produce work on their own and stage it literally "on the fringe" of the established festival. The concept was a success and soon became more popular than the original festival.
For more information on the Orlando Fringe Festival, visit
PHOTO: Casey Wohl & Brandi with performers from "Bathhouse: The Musical!"

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