Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Report from "Sex and the City" Movie Premiere in NYC!

Here’s a little feedback on the Sex and the City movie premiere last night from my good friend, Dr. Diana Kirschner (see photo on right) who was there:

"I had a blast on the pink (not red) carpet—Sarah, Kim, et. al were gorgeous and gracious. Sarah (see photo below) wore a flowing gray silk goddess gown with a train, (that I unfortunately managed to step on as she was rushing in to the theater!). There were fans for blocks around Radio City where it was happening and paparazzi from all over the place, of course. Jerry Seinfeld, Mary J. Blige, Edie Falco and so many more of my favorites came through. The movie has everything we all loved about SATC. It was very moving and at one point made me teary! The fashion was to die-for—especially a series of bridal gowns that were over-the-top glamour. And of course the shoes…."

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