Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What’s Your "Sex and the City" Dating Type?

I met Dr. Diana Kirschner in LA at the MEGA Book Marketing Conference in March. She is a realtionship expert who has been featured on the Today Show. To encourage our enthusiasm for the Sex and the City moive premiere, Dr. Diana has developed the following dating patterns quiz to help you identify which Sex and the City character you most resemble when it comes to dating. Read below!

What’s Your Dating Type? What kind of Sex and the City girl are you?
By Diana Kirschner, Ph.D. - Quiz at http://www.mydatingpatterns.com/

There are four common Deadly Dating patterns that single women struggle with: Crumbs, Chase Me, Not Perfect-I’ll Pass and Safety Net. The Sex and the City characters, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, are good examples of women who dealt with these self-sabotaging patterns. The characters transformed their unique patterns in order to develop love relationships. Each Deadly Dating pattern reflects specific love relationship challenges and triumphs that many single women face. Here are the four types:

The Crumbs Deadly Dating Pattern (like Carrie)
1. Accepting seductive & wonderful treatment from a guy who is ultimately out of reach & afraid of commitment (Mr. Big)
2. Fantasizing about & falling for men who put her second, behind work or other women (the Russian)
3. Cheating on a man who really loved her (Aidan) and pushing him away

The Chase Me Deadly Dating Pattern (like Samantha)
1. Endlessly claiming she did not really want to have a relationship
2. Leaving lovers & moving on for no apparent reason
3. Fearing intimacy (Smith holding her hand in public!) and commitment

The Not Perfect—I’ll Pass Deadly Dating Pattern (like Charlotte)
1. Fussy and a perfectionist
2. Almost passed on Harry Goldenblatt, a man who was good husband material but balding & unpolished. (refused to go to beach party with him unless he had his back waxed)
3. Judgmental and constricted about sexuality

The Safety Net Deadly Dating Pattern (like Miranda)
1. Afraid of being alone & pessimistic about her odds of meeting a great guy
2. Dating guys she feels are beneath her
3. Attracted to a man only if other women are interested in him or he’s left her (Steve)

Take Dr. Diana's special quiz and find out which Sex and the City pattern you may have at http://www.mydatingpatterns.com/

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