Friday, February 27, 2009

Do Women Want "Women-Only" Floors?

We've heard the ongoing conversation about women-only hotel floors, which recently re-surfaced when Forbes ran the article “Women-Only Hotels Heat Up." According to the magazine, The Premier Hotel in New York’s Times Square has set aside one entire floor for women guests, so that women “wouldn’t have to worry about packing every little additional thing,” says the hotel’s general manager.

According to Forbes, the “Premier’s women-only rooms come with curling and flat irons, bath salts and loofahs, nail files, a vanity kit, yoga mats and women’s magazines (O, Self, Cosmopolitan) — all at no additional cost. The bathtub is oversized, and there’s a stool at the sink (with makeup lighting) so women can sit while doing their face.”

And The Premier isn’t alone as other hotels are adding women-only floors. But, if this is such a good idea, then why have some hotels scratched the idea of female-only floors? About two years ago Marriott made a complete turnaround after announcing that there would be a female-only floor in its new hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan citing legal issues versus gender preferences.

Our main question: Do women really want their own hotel floors?

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Cheryl Isaac said...

Casey, I would definitely be floored with a women's only floor; although for most women, they may still share these hotel rooms with spouses. The thing is, us women always forget some item or another; or we would just love to pack lightly. I think it's a great avenue for hotels to explore. I really don't see why a male would be offended by this--unless they're entertaining clients in their room. They should have an option to use or not to use the items in the room.