Sunday, February 1, 2009

Recessionary Living Trend Alters Travel Interests

Experts say one of the top trends we will see in 2009 is that of recessionary living. Americans will look for long-term value, not just short-term happiness. In addition, they will place a higher value on quality versus quantity and we will see a movement where money loses prominence in people’s lives and is replaced with stability, peace of mind and sustainability.

Travel experts also see these trends spilling over into the $200 million girlfriend getaway market. Girls Getaway Guide series author and The Getaway Girl™ Casey Wohl has already noticed much more interest in girls getaway trips that cater to improving one’s mind, body and spirit and a decrease in the interest in getaways that focus on shopping and self-indulgence.

“In early January we released several of our trips for the year and had a lot of inquiries about the Girls Getaway to Montana and the Girls Ranch Getaway,” Wohl said. “In fact, we have already added two additional weekends to the Montana trip and are considering adding at least one more ranch weekend.”

The Girls Getaway to Montana will provide exercise with a personal trainer, side trips to Yellowstone National Park, white water rafting and other nature-based activities. The Girls Ranch Getaway will provide rest and relaxation on a 5,000 Florida cattle ranch, which will include movie night, cooking demonstrations, exercise and nature-based activities, including wildlife observation.

“It is apparent that women still want to travel and spend time with their girlfriends, but the current economy has shifted everyone’s priorities and vacation interests,” Wohl said.

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