Thursday, February 5, 2009

Go Red for Women - Remember Tomorrow is National Wear Red Day

Remeber to wear red tomorrow for National Wear Red Day. With female bonding and travel a rising trend, the opportunity to educate women in these groups continues to rise. One of the top activities during a girl’s getaway is to spend time with friends and exchange information. An important piece of information that all women should be talking about is the dangers of heart disease in women.

More women die from heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD) than men, yet many women do not realize they are at risk. These diseases kill more women each year than the next five causes of death combined.

The contributing factors for this epidemic include:
*Lack of Knowledge
*Treatment Disparities
*Information Gap

In Florida alone, heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases are the #1 killer of women; heart disease and stroke account for 33.4% of all female deaths in the state; nearly 76 women die from heart disease and stroke each day, on average; heart disease alone is the leading cause of death, accounting for 22,265 female deaths in the state in 2005; stroke is the #3 cause of female deaths in the state and accounted for 5,359 women’s deaths in 2005; more than 53% of women in Florida are overweight and obese; and 17.5% of Florida women smoke cigarettes.

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