Thursday, July 2, 2009

Going Topless in Livingston at the Round Up Parade

Our Thursday began with pilates on the porch, which was a great way to wake us up and take in the beautiful scenery. After homemade waffles for breakfast, we drive to downtown Livingston to meet the Yellow Bus for a tour of the town (the girls opted to go topless). We learned a lot about the history and the role Sacajewea and the Lewis and Clark Expedition played in developing Livingston, as well as the role the town plays as the “gateway to Yellowstone.” It was interesting to note that Livingston had a Red Light District area that was “operating” until 1948, and residential lots originally sold here for $25. Thank you Jack and Vern for an excellent tour.

After the tour we got settled in for the big Round Up Parade, which celebrates the beginning of the Livingston Rodeo this weekend. Ted Turner served as the Grand Marshall and rode a dappled gray horse through the streets of Livingston and right in front of us. The parade was fully entertaining and full of celeb sightings. Margot Kidder (Superman) rode a bicycle dressed as the Statue of Liberty (she is a resident here). We also saw Greg Germann (Ally McBeal) and Missy Pyle (Dodgeball) who was nice enough to take photos with us. The parade was also full of bag pipe bands, outfitters, and local celebrities who all dressed to the parade theme “Like A Rhinestone Cowboy.” Once the parade ended, we drove back to Flatpenny Inn for some R&R.

After some downtime, I went for a ATV ride up the mountain where I saw deer and a grouse (bird I had never seen before). Then it was time for Lisa’s special dinner of make your own pizza, which Tatiana said was like Italian Quesadillas. We loved the pear, tomato & provolone cheese…YUM! And just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, the campfire lit up and the ingredients for smores were passed around the campfire. To avoid overeating, I think I am going to bed.
PHOTOS: Girls Gone Topless on the Yellow Bus Tour. Casey Wohl & actress Missy Pyle at the Livingston Round Up Parade.

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