Saturday, July 4, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat!

Grab a paddle and let’s row! We were all very excited about today’s All-American rafting trip down the Yellowstone River. What a way to celebrate the Fourth of July! We arrived at Rubber Ducky River Rentals to pick up our large blue raft, paddles and life jackets. With the raft loaded, we were ready to hit the rapids. We unloaded our equipment, got a quick rowing lesson from our guide Jeff and we were on our way. It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining! During our trip, we saw a lot of wildlife such as deer, Canadian geese and white pelicans. We stopped for a picnic lunch and to collect colored stones. As soon as we got back in the raft, it seemed that the weather had changed. After a few small rapids (large enough for some of us to get wet), we started to realize how cold we were. “How much further Jeff?” we asked. “About two hours,” he replied. As we sang songs (or at least parts of them) and played a very long game of “I’m going on a picnic” we forgot how cold we were. We were very excited to see Carter’s Bridge, and we quickly landed the raft and looked forward to getting home soon for some hot showers.

As we waited for Audrey’s car to be opened, Audrey came around the corner to tell us she left her car keys in the truck, which was parked up the river where we launched. We were all stunned and amazed that none of us thought reminding her so we could have avoided this glitch. So, our 3-hour float turned into a much longer trip. Lisa and I agreed…next time the rafting trip can be much shorter and we won’t leave keys in the wrong car.
After some hot (and not so hot showers), we went to the neighbors house for a great BBQ cookout to celebrate the Fourth of July. Angela and Bruce were amazing hosts, and Bruce kept bringing more and more food to us. I thought I was going to explode J! It was a very nice dinner, and a wonderful way to end our fabulous Girls Getaway to Montana. We left there very full and read to pack our things and prepare for our early morning flights home.

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