Saturday, January 10, 2009

Getaway to Budapest and Hungary

Budget Travel Magazine has released more budget travel destinations for 2009! Two you may not have thought about include:

Budapest, Hungary: With its economy taking a hard hit last year and the Hungarian currency devalued, now is a great time to stretch your dollar in Hungary. Much like Vienna and Prague (which I love), Budapest features the old European feel with sidewalk cafes and a vast amount of history. In fact, many of my ancestors are from Hungary and I have my great grandmothers travel journals of their visits home, so I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Hungary. Experts say you can spend a mere $20/day at a day spa and enjoy their hot thermal springs.

Cambodia: With more than 2 million visitors in 2008, this country is no longer just for backpackers. With its magnificent Hindu and Buddhist temples and beautiful beaches, this Asian destination is perfect for nature and history lovers, as well as travelers on a budget. Experts say you can rent a bike here for $2/day. Go now before it becomes overly popular in a few years.
PHOTOS: Left - Budapest pools; Right - Cambodia Temples.

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